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On-Site Sales / Traveling Scrub Show

Let Us Bring Our Store to You!

Your busy work schedule shouldn’t stop you from being able to stand out in fabulous, new scrubs! With the help of Uniform Center’s mobile on-site scrub sales and new Traveling Scrub Show, we can bring the Uniform Center experience to your medical facility or office! What better way to show your appreciation for your hardworking staff than to bring an immersive scrub shopping experience with our team to your community?

By scheduling an on-site scrub sale with Uniform Center, your facility will enjoy a huge selection, free shipping on any special-order items, follow-up service for hassle-free exchanges, the opportunity for payroll deductions, and so much more.


Receive $200 in gift cards for your staff when you schedule your first on-site scrub sale allowing payroll deduct.

You can use these cards for staff incentives, door prizes- anyway you chose. We will provide them in any denominations you want.

Schedule an On-Site Sale Today!

For more information on our On-Site Sales or to schedule a Uniform Center On-Site Sale:

In Bismarck, call Gwen at 701-255-3331 or email her at

In Minot, call Jamie at 701-852-0661 or email her at

In South Dakota, call Carollynn at 605-343-0203 or email her at

Making a Difference with our On-Site Sales

We are a regional, family-owned business serving North Dakota, South Dakota and Montana since 1970. At Uniform Center, our customer-focused team is dedicated to helping your staff find the right scrubs, shoes, and accessories to look great and perform their best at work. We make things more convenient for your staff by bringing our store to you!

We know a well-dressed staff is important to presenting a positive image, and we know your staff cares about what they wear. We offer the largest selection of uniforms, accessories, and footwear for healthcare professionals in the region. Our on-site sales are presented in a fabulous, organized manner, making it easy to shop. We bring multiple racks ranging from sizes XS-5XL in women’s and men’s styles, which can be available via our new Traveling Scrub Show. We also bring stacks of folded products, professional shoes, and accessories including stethoscopes, scissors, pen lights, badge reels and more. We will also cater our on-site sales to your facility’s specific needs to make sure we have the right selection for your staff. This includes bringing group specific colors, or certain styles or sizes by request.

Talk about the trailer

We are available to service your facility at your convenience, scheduling one to three times per year depending on the size of your facility. This means we can provide your staff with the latest trends in comfortable and functional scrubs to update their uniforms frequently to maintain a professional look. We will also work hard to facilitate payroll deduction as a payment option, as this is a benefit that your staff will really appreciate.

Covid has changed the way all of us work. Your staff is wearing masks and finding new ways to handle the environment they work in. This is the biggest reason for us converting into a traveling trailer. We don’t have to come into your facility to help the staff, we don’t need to interrupt your hallways or meeting rooms. The staff enjoys the opportunity to come out side and find everything they need.

Uniform Center - Coming to a Neighborhood near You!

Check out Uniform Center’s List of Upcoming On-Site Sales to see if we’ll be in your neighborhood anytime soon. If not, get in contact with our team to schedule an on-site sale near you!

May 5 Forsyth MT
May 6 Sidney MT
May 9 McVille ND
May 10 Park River ND
May 11 Cooperstown ND
May 12 New Rockford ND
May 13 Carrington ND
May 24 Glasgow MT
May 24 Sidney MT

Commonly Asked Questions: Uniform Center On-Site Sales

What’s the benefit of on-site sale?

On-site sales allow staff to shop in a clean and safe environment. By bringing our Traveling Scrub Show to you, we don’t need to come into your facility, providing a safer experience for all! Given changes in the medical industry due to COVID-19, shopping outside in our trailer makes for a better option for medical staff.

Where will the on-site sale be held?

With the introduction of our new Traveling Scrub Show, we can accommodate holding on-site sales in your parking lot!

When should we have an on-site sale?

Any weekday will work. We can tie a show into a day in which you are having a staff in-service or just schedule it as a special treat. We will provide you with flyers to announce the show ahead of time.

What is the time frame for an on-site sale?

Anywhere from 4 hours to 8 hours depending on the size of the facility.

What Payment Options are available?

Payroll deduction, cash, check, or credit card. We do encourage allowing payroll deduction and will work to provide your payroll team with all of the information they need. This offers your staff the ability to have fun shopping without having to worry about paying for the product that day. Most facilities will spread the payments from two to four pay periods and the staff greatly appreciates that benefit. We also eliminate the worries of payroll deduction for the employer. If an employee were to quit or be terminated while still having outstanding payroll purchases, we assume all responsibility for retrieving those funds from the customer.

How do we schedule a show?

In North Dakota, call Sue at 701-255-3331 or email her at

In South Dakota, call Carollynn at 605-343-0203 or email her at