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About Us

Scrubs, Service, and Satisfaction

If you live in North Dakota or South Dakota, you’ll never find yourself wondering where you can find great scrubs near you. Uniform Center is dedicated to helping medical professionals feel their best, whether they’re in the delivery room or the breakroom. Serving customers across the United States, especially in our home markets of Bismarck, ND, Minot, ND, and Rapid City, SD, Uniform Center has captured the hearts and attention of medical professionals far and wide as a result of our commitment to scrubs, service and satisfaction. Whether you’re shopping with us from near or far, you’ll always find great scrubs near you at Uniform Center.

Be it our unique attention to customer service or dedication to bringing the best and latest medical apparel to our customers locally via group outfitting or at a distance via our On-Site Sales and Online Store, Uniform Center is ever-growing in our pursuit to help modern, everyday healthcare workers showcase their unique style and personalities in the clothes they put on each day.

Check Out Our Locations in Bismarck, ND, Minot, ND, and Rapid City, SD!

Our Mission

Our mission at Uniform Center is to provide healthcare professionals with the scrubs, shoes, and accessories they need to look and feel their best at work.

Set up with the actual needs of our busy customers in mind, our stores have a wide assortment of products, and dedicated staff who will go above and beyond the call of duty to help individuals and groups find the fit and fabrics they’ll love. Uniform Center strives to make every customer we serve feel great, look great, and perform great.

Why We Do What We Do

Clothing remains one of the most influential sources of personal uniqueness and self-identification in professional settings. Whether you’re working at the front desk of a vet office or providing life-changing medical services to someone in need, the attire you wear has the ability to characterize your unique personality without even saying a word. Self-gratification comes in being able to look great, while feeling great about your attire. This is precisely why Uniform Center has dedicated our existence to outfitting the medical heroes, and healthcare workplaces of thousands and thousands of customers.

Centering our service offering to healthcare workers, we recognize and understand the tremendous commitment to long hours and the physical toll working in the healthcare industry brings. Outfitting the healthcare worker of today in all sizes and shapes imaginable, Uniform Center hopes to provide relief to those healthcare workers who risk their lives every single day for the greater good of our communities. No matter the outcome of a day’s work, we hope to make these people feel great, while looking great and showcasing their unique sense of style.

Meet Our Team

Sue Mathern


Owner of 3 uniform stores who loves to get out on the sales floor and visit with her customers.  I love to spend time helping customers make perfect purchases. It is exciting working with our vendors like Cherokee and Healing Hands, spending time picking out the variety of products we will carry in the store, and making sure we are getting the best selection of new items, colors, and prints. As the coordinator of our Traveling Road Show, I get to travel to all the exciting places in North Dakota, the Black Hills of Soth Dakota, and eastern Montana. Our new 32-foot trailer is so much fun to work out of. Planning the merchandise and making sure I will have enough product for three-four days on the road is a challenge, but it is one that I am up for!


Carollynn is an experienced manager, trainer, and team builder. Driven by her supportive family, she takes pride in providing the best experience possible. As a manager, her goals include adding new value, tweaking current plans, and shaking up the workspace. In addition to her primary job functions, she has received many awards for going the extra mile.  Dedication, compassion, and hardworking are just a few words that describe her.

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General Manager, Uniform Center/SoleMate Shoes

Bismarck native Gwen Kautzman is the general manager of Uniform Center/SoleMate Shoes. Having been in sales for 40+ years, she enjoys all the challenges her job brings. Gwen is involved in the day-to-day operations of the Bismarck stores and oversees the Rapid City and Minot stores. She is also part of the buying process. Whether it’s a big corporate imaging job, or purchasing scrubs, purses and shoes for the store, Gwen loves leading a team of people who have strong retail backgrounds and love customer service.

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Manager, SoleMate Shoes Bismarck

Britta Burbach is the manager of our newest Bismarck venture, SoleMate Shoes. When we first started talking about opening a shoe store, Britta was the first person who came to mind. Britta has a strong retail and customer service background. Our store has not looked better since Britta started merchandising it. Going to shoe market with Britta is an adventure! Her taste in shoes is fun and impeccable. She is full of energy and knows shoes like no one else!

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Jamie Evanoff

Manager of Uniform Center Minot, ND

I am one of the lucky ones who get up each morning and enjoy going to work.  Learning so much about the ever-changing Health Care Industry, meeting some very interesting and fun people who work in this field and having the support of the brands we sell make the job very rewarding.  No one day is ever the same, after all, who likes repetition? I am a married Grandma of 4 wonderful kids, and look forward to many more years learning and growing in my knowledge of the uniforms we sell to the people who purchase our uniforms.